About Us

Nate Jones & The Sloe Sippers are a San Francisco-based Americana band who met through playing music together. Their folk, blues, and bluegrass influences combine with succulent harmonies to create something truly special.

In their self-titled debut, Nate Jones & The Sloe Sippers deliver an EP which draws inspiration from a wide variety of American music. Soulful and haunting songs like "Lori Lee" are anchored perfectly by tracks with a more traditional bluegrass sound such as "The Devil Looks Upon You". Fans will find this album to be a balanced cross section of the music they have come to expect at live performances in and around San Francisco.

Nate Jones hails from the great state of Ohio and came to California while working as a pro skateboarder. He has played in several bands in the Bay Area and now provides the Sloe Sippers with stellar songwriting, rhythm guitar, and lead vocals.

Travis Hanna is also from Ohio and has a long history of playing classic R&B, soul, and honky tonk music. He contributes his talents on guitar, banjo, and backup vocals, but also plays bass for The Jilters, and even built his electric bass from scratch.

Dawn Roorda is a coal miner's daughter (for real!) from the Iowa heartland and lends her bluegrass skills to the Sloe Sippers on the upright bass and backup vocals. She teaches piano lessons in her spare time and also plays bass for The Saloons.